Obedience is another performance sport in which cockers can excel. The merry disposition dictated in the standard makes them happy workers, although it does also lend itself to creativity. Their desire to be with people makes them natural heelers, and their hunting instinct aids in their retrieving skills and scent discrimination work. Their joy of life that they show while workers can draw a crowd whenever a cocker is in the obedience ring.

Obedience competition consists of three levels, with the skills required increasing in difficulty with each level. The levels and titles are:

  • Novice – Companion Dog (CD)
  • Open – Companion Dog Excellent (CDX)
  • Utility – Utility Dog (UD)

Once a dog has earned the UD, it may continue to show to earn the following titles:

  • Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) – requires 10 shows where the dog has qualified in both the Open B and Utility B classes.
  • Obedience Trial Champion (OTCh) – requires 3 first places, 1 from Utility B, 1 from Open B, and the third from either class, and 100 points. Points are based on the number of dogs competing in the classes, and are awarded for 1st through 4th place wins.

In 2013, AKC expanded the Obedience classes to include many more levels of competition. The new classes are optional title classes which means a dog does not need to complete these titles to move to the next level. Many people use these classes for training a dog to go to the next level or just to have fun with their dog. The new titles are:

  • Beginner Novice (BN)
  • Graduate Novice (GN)
  • Graduate Open (GO)
  • Versatility (VER)
  • Pre-Novice (PCD)
  • Pre-Open (PCDX)
  • Pre-Utility (PUTD)
In addition to these new titles, AKC also allows the UDX title to be numbered based on how many times the dog earns 10 UDX legs.
If a dog continues to compete after earning a UD title, it can also earn points toward an Obedience Master (OM) or Obedience Grand Master title (OGM). The master title program was developed to recognize dogs with consistently high scores in obedience.
More information about obedience can be found on the AKC website.


1. Rowlett’s Sakura Hime UDX RE Stella & Jonathan Rowlett
2. Log Cabin Skip’N Black Stones UDX2 OM2 VER RAE MHA WD Jan & Danny Epting
3. OTCH Reesha’s Tedbear Magic VCD2 UDX3 OM6 RE MX MXJ Debra Lewis
4. Gazon One Enchanted Evening UDX2 OM2  VER Sheryl Juhl
5tie. Gazon Jasper Oboy UD Donna Blunt
5tie. MACH3 PACH3 Brookwood Chocolate Brownie UDX VER MXP7 MJP8 PAX3 TQX CGC Mary Ellen & Marquis Whittington


OTCH Cocker Spaniels
Researched by Jeanne Grim,
ASC Website Obedience Consultant

  • CH OTCH Mar Lee’s Folly O’Blarney UD,
    SB461925, Dog, Wh: 10/21/1973, Color: Red, Breeder/Owner: Mary Lee Whiting
  • OTCH Lady Mara, Can CDX, SC,
    SC149045, Bitch, Wh: 11/21/1976 Color: Red/White, Title Earned March 6, 1983, Owner: Cindy Strong or Cindy Brick
  • CH OTCH Mar Lee’s Jopa O’Blarney UD,
    SC565557, Dog, Wh:8/28/1978, Color: Red (OTCH Mar Lee’s Folly O’Blarney UD ex Sham-O-Jet’s Key To Blarney CDX) Breeder/Owner: Mary Lee Whiting
  • OTCH Em’s Bakers Bartered Goods UD,
    SC418959, Bitch, Wh: 2/22/1978, Color: Red/White, Owner: Bonnie Baker
  • OTCH Daisy Girl X TD,
    SD754524, Bitch, Wh: 1/6/1983, Color: Buff, Owner: Gail Workman
  • OTCH Flip-Of-The-Coin’s Black Magic UDX,
    SE145797, Bitch, Wh: 3/31/1984, Color: Black, (CH Meri-Knol’s Satan of Sarchell ex CH Meri-Knol’s Moon Maiden) Title Earned: Jan 1993, Breeder: Patricia Frisone, Owner: Mary L Michon
  • OTCH Ambers Good Golly Miss Molly UDX,
    SF554546, Bitch, Wh: 3/3/1989, Color: Ascob (Gale’s Go For Broke ex Emma Goldman Westmatt) Breeder: Karen E. West, Owner: Susan & Jerry Westover
  • OTCH Heartstone Black Skimmer UDX MX MXJ
    SF878840, Bitch, Wh: 2/4/1990, Color: Black (CH Bobwin’s Sir Black Ash ex Heartstone Abbra Kadabbra CD) Title Earned: February 1995, Breeder: Becky Willis & Linda Gallant, Owner: Barbara Dressel
  • CH OTCH Mar Lee’s Tainer O’Blarney UDX,
    SM80601301, Dog, Wh: 8/1/1990, Color: Buff (CH Arow’s Homesteader ex Mar Lee’s Tali-An O’Blarney UD) Breeder/ Owner: Mary Lee Whiting
  • OTCH Knight’s Little Kelly Girl VCD1, UDX, TDX, JH, OA,
    SN26063301, Bitch, Wh: 6/3/1995, Color: Ascob, Title Earned: March 20, 1999, Owner: Gail Workman
  • OTCH Kay’s Sassy Sheba, UDX,
    I.L.P.85232. Bitch, Wh: 1/15/1997. Color: Black, Owner: Kay Carr, Title Earned January 7, 2005
  • OTCH Reesha’s Tedbear Magic VCD2, UDX3, OM5, RE, MX, MXJ
    I.L.P. 157275. Bitch, Wh: 3/23/2006. Color: Red, Owner: Debra Lewis, Title Earned September 5, 2016