All grooming space must be reserved.

Free grooming space is available. This space is day crating and all dogs and equipment must be removed each day one hour after judging ends. Free grooming space does not have access to electricity or bathing facilities.

When making reservations, choose a box that is large enough to hold your crates, tables, and ex-pens. Each exhibitor must provide heavy plastic under all ex-pens. Shavings may be used but all shavings must be removed before leaving or exhibitor will be subject to a show committee hearing and fine. If you have four or fewer dogs, you may submit your reservation with another exhibitor; if not, ASC reserves the right to place you with another exhibitor.

10’ x 12’ (1 electrical drop) @ $90 – extra electrical drops @ $30                                       

ASC reserves the right to limit the number of extra drops based on demand.


Reservations postmarked after the above deadline should include a $50 late fee.

 Mail form and payment to: ( if payment is made by PayPal, email reservation form )

Linda Donaldson
103 Mariners Cove Road
Hodges, SC 29653
Phone: (864) 456-5880

All ex-pens and tack areas must be labeled with exhibitor’s name. A show committee hearing will be held if sanitary conditions are not maintained in these areas. Public ex-pens for large breeds will be provided.

Exhibitors MUST provide plastic and shavings for crates and ex-pens.